33 things I’ve learned in 33 years

I’m about to do something somewhat clichéd. It was my birthday yesterday and I can’t help but reflect on the past year (and the years that have come before it).

The other night I was trying to make The Minimalist Baker’s Birthday Cake, but I only had one cake pan. However, as I scrolled down the page, I found her list of 29 learnings. Inspired – but still hungry – I took pause and absorbed her thoughts.

As I’ve hurtled through space, I’ve picked up some useful info. Nothing that ground breaking but I’ll leave these breadcrumbs here for you, just in case you’ve lost your way.

PS: Saturn, your return is a BITCH.

1.     Crying is good. GREAT, in fact. Do it often.

2.     Expectations = Upset (that one’s for you, Sharon Singleton).

3.     Allow yourself the uncomfortable luxury of changing your mind.

4.     Everything is happening all the time – not for us, or against us – so hold on and enjoy the ride.

5.     Friendship is a complicated beast and sometimes people do things we won’t understand.

6.     Learning how to accept what is given to us with an open mind and heart (even if it’s not what we want right now) is a true gift #happythankyoumoreplease.

7.     Raise your standards – and keep them there.

8.     Ask for what you need and want, always.

9.     No one owes anyone anything.

10.  Show up and participate – life will do the rest.

11.  If I want a beer at 11am, I’ll have one. Same goes for dessert.

12.  Timing is everything, but don’t be afraid to start!

13.  Intuition > Thought.

14.  Anxiety can be useful if it’s channelled into making – draw, paint, dance, sing, write.

15.  When faced with the death of someone, take all the time necessary to feel your way out of the dark.

16.  Grief never really goes away – it just changes form, intensity and duration.

17.  Pizza is life.

18.  You can love someone fully and they can hurt you just as much.

19.  Bored? Read.

20.  Lonely? Travel.

21.  Lost? Write.

22.  Tired? Sleep.

23.  When in doubt, order Thai food.

24.  Doing a PhD changed me in so many ways, but completely for the better.

25.  Whatever brought me joy as a child, will always bring me joy.

26.  When trying to make a decision, ask: what’s the worst thing that could happen? Chances are – nothing.

27.  I have everything I need already; I just forgot it was there.

28.  Everything ends – and begins again.

29.  Life is practice; practice is life – Judith Lasater.

30.  Not everyone is going to like me, and nor should they. The more I live life according to my own values, the more feathers I’ll ruffle. Good.

31.  Create space, everything always flows better.

32.  Cultivating a global tribe was the best decision I ever made.

33.  Yoga. Choosing to step onto the mat is choosing myself over everything else.

Did any of those resonate with you? Tell me which ones in the comments below.

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