Creative Manifesto


If you’re going to remain in my orbit – and even work with me – there are a few things you need to know first. That’s where this creative manifesto comes in. It outlines my beliefs, goals and inspiring pieces of wisdom I’ve collected in my years on this planet. If you get to the end of this page and feel a fire in your belly, then you’re in the right place. I’m calling in an army of Creative humans to help build a better world – are you with me?

here's what I believe

here's what i believe

Words matter.

You CAN turn your pain into purpose.

Creativity is the antidote

  • It’s possible to thrive after trauma.
  • Creativity isn’t just Art – it’s how we connect the dots.
  • Self-expression is the key to good communication.
  • Anything can be creative, just shift your perspective.
  • “Life is practice, practice is life” – Judith Lassater.
  • Hold the vision; trust the process.
  • “Inspiration will come – but it better find you working” – Picasso.
  • The small creative acts we do every single day have the power to transform our lives in ways we can’t even imagine.

here's what i have planned for you...

I'll show you how to fall in love with words so you can express yourself

I'll hold space for you to tap into imagination and unlock new possibilities

I'll lead by example so you see that it's safe to walk to the beat of your own drum

I'll share everything I know to help you cultivate a nourishing creative practice

Hear this...

Creativity has been taken for granted

Sure, making Art is a well-honed skill – but creativity? That shit’s primal. At its most organic, it’s how we connect the dots. At its most beneficial, it’s a form of self-care.

But in a world where everyone sounds the same, dare to be the poet of your own life. Creativity is a powerful conduit for self-expression, so please stop regurgitating other people’s ideas – fall in love with your ideas first, then surrender to the process.

If you want impact (lookin’ RIGHT at you, creative entrepreneur), you’ve gotta redefine creativity on your own terms. Art isn’t the only way and it’s time to open your mind (and your heart) to new possibilities.

What if you could tap into creativity to manage stress and adversity?

What if creativity was more expansive and included every nut and bolt of your daily life?

What if it was never about the outcome… but about the effort you put in every day to build your vision?

It’s time to stop taking creativity for granted – and start harnessing it to create the work that sets your soul alight. 

reclaim your creativity

reclaim your creativity