Case Study:


Shannyn Merlo is one of those people who lights up a room. When I first met her in person at a networking event – after connecting via LinkedIn – I knew she was going to be someone I could trust and rely on. She drives her business, Inspired Outcomes Consulting, with vigour and determination (and good humour). 

She had worked with copywriters in the past with mixed results, so one of the first things we did was have an open and honest conversation with her content and what she needed to start seeing results. 

As a small business coach, Shannyn was a dynamo. But when it came to writing content for her brand, it was a bit of a struggle. She didn’t lack ideas or creativity, but rather needed an outside perspective to help shape and polish what she already had.

We worked together on key blog posts and I became a regular soundboard for other products and services she was creating to offer her clients. 

A good copywriter isn’t going to lock themselves away in their cave, drink whiskey and write you a novel. They will ask you pointed questions, demand critical feedback and do whatever it takes to find the right words. 

What I’ve loved about working with Shannyn is that she’s a straight shooter. We’re very similar in that way. No fluff, just realness, from end to end. 

What I was able to give Shannyn was a sympathetic ear, the right technical tips to boost her already fantastic content, and the confidence to take charge in her writing practice.

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