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You probably know by now that I’m passionate about all things creativity and writing. But did you also know I’m super into health and fitness? A big part of my wellness journey has been learning more about nutrition and finding brands that make amazing food to fuel my fire. 

Meet iPantry – a Melbourne-based online grocer and an amazing success story to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The parent company used to supply cafes around Victoria with all their food, so when everything went into lockdown, the iPantry team got together to brainstorm how to pivot their business. And that’s how iPantry was born. 

We connected in November 2011 when the marketing team were looking to ramp up their content marketing efforts through SEO-driven blogs. What started as a small monthly support package (2 x 1000 word blogs) soon grew into a beautiful relationship that included 4 x 1000 monthly blogs and product descriptions for their website category pages (a mammoth task!).

What I loved so much about working with iPantry is how detailed their briefs were. They had SEO research and insights from StudioHawk (bunch of legends!) which we crafted together into blogs that not only fulfilled SEO requirements, but became another expression of their conversational, friendly and motivating brand voice. 

Through this project I discovered a whole world of food I didn’t know existed and a way to get my groceries delivered that didn’t involve the big supermarkets. So if you live in Melbourne and are health conscious, take a scroll through iPantry – you’ll be amazing at what you’ll find.

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