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Kristy Gray

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If you don’t know Kristy Gray yet, you’re in for an absolute treat. She’s an astrologer and life strategist, always dishing up the high vibes we all need to get in touch with our highest selves. I’ve been a client of Kristy’s for the last few years (I’m obsessed with Astrostrategy) so when she reached out for creative support, I was giddy with joy!

Kristy booked me for The Write Words Workshop, which is my 90-minute collaborative copywriting workshop designed to build skills and get shit done. Now, Kristy is a next-level communicator and already an accomplished writer, so she didn’t need me to write everything for her. Instead, I gave her the most bang for her buck by gifting her a copy framework to make all of her service offerings sing harmoniously.

In our 90-minutes together, we workshopped her core business offerings to make sure they genuinely reflected the experience she was trying to create. Using the framework I crafted, we cowrote the first couple, then she took it and ran with it, leaving me to circle back to the rest a few days later for a quick review.

If, like Kristy, you love writing and want to supercharge your skills, The Write Words Workshop might just be the 90-minutes you need to really move the needle.

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