Harnessing Practical Creativity in Life & Business: eBook


In this eBook, you’ll learn about Practical Creativity and the  5 traits to cultivate to feel more creative (including some bangin’ journal prompts for you to tackle).

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Perhaps life has dealt you a bit of a shitty hand lately and you’ve found yourself just ‘going through the motions’. Everywhere you look, all you see are closed doors, brick walls and dead ends – nothing seems to be working, no matter how much action you take.

Perhaps what you need isn’t another task on your to-do list or SMART goal, but rather a new perspective, one that opens doors, dismantles the brick walls and builds new roads out of old dead ends. But what has the power to do all of that, and more?


Even if you don’t feel like it right now, YOU ARE CREATIVE. It’s just that maybe the world around you has become too noisy and demanding that you’ve forgotten – or perhaps your inner creative voice is just too quiet and needs a little amplification.

Creativity is practical, not something reserved for the artistic genius toiling away in their studio until the wee hours of the morning. You can harness creativity in really practical ways in everyday life, you just need to know how…which is where I come in!

I created Harnessing Practical Creativity in Life & Business to give you something to anchor yourself to when the seas of life and business get too choppy. Inside this easy-to-digest eBook, you’ll get the chance to:

  • Learn about one of my favourite concepts: Practical Creativity 
  • Meet the 5 traits you can cultivate to feel more creative, and
  • Work through a series of journal prompts to get you ‘in the zone’ and out of the mud.

This eBook is an introduction to the creativity coaching work that I do, so if you love the content and are ready to take it further, let’s chat!

PS: Each purchase comes with 3 downloads of the eBook, just in case you lose the link 💕 


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