The Expression Deck: Journal Prompts for Posttraumatic Growth


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Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank page in your journal and thinking, “what do I write”? Or you’ve heard about the benefits of journaling and would LOVE to try it out, but aren’t sure where to start? I know those feels – even after years and years of putting pen to paper, sometimes I need a little support and guidance, too. 

It’s why I created The Expression Deck – 52 journal prompts for adults intentionally designed to guide you to growth. Starting a conversation with yourself is one of the most valuable skills you can learn in life. Why? It creates space for you to listen to your intuition, amplify your inner voice and work through the endless thoughts your brain generates on the daily (hello monkey mind, amiright?!).

When do I use these cards?

  • In your daily journaling practice
  • To jumpstart your creativity
  • To build your confidence in writing
  • Unblock your creative flow
  • After a challenging time to nurture your growth.

How do I use the Expression Deck?

Let’s get analog, shall we? Grab yourself a notebook (one that feels good) and a pen (one that seamlessly flows in your hands). You might like to light a candle, pop on your favourite tunes and perch in a spot where you won’t get interrupted for up to 30 minutes.

Take the Expression Deck in your hands and shuffle a few times. Place the cards face down and spread them out in an arch shape. Close your eyes and hover your hands over the cards and say, in your mind or out loud, “what do I need to express right now?”. 

Stop when it feels right and pick up the card. Write your question at the top of the page and set a timer for 20 minutes. Answer the question on the page and keep writing until your timer runs out. 

Repeat as needed, whenever you feel called to.


  • A handy travel size at 105 x 74mm
  • 52 cards with questions formulated to stimulate growth
  • Anti-scuff matte finish
  • Keepsake bag to store your cards in
  • Designed and printed in Melbourne, Australia.

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