lHey legend, I'm Dr Maz!

An energetic & heartfelt speaker, ready to inspire

That’s right – as well as being an accomplished copywriter and creativity coach, I can also speak at your next event or appear as a guest on your podcast. I can speak on a variety of topics related to creativity, mental health, journaling and copywriting. So if you supply an eager audience, I’ll bring my roguish charm, good humour and a presentation to knock everyone’s socks off.

It's about connection

people want to be seen

When I watch a speaker on stage, I want to feel like the world doesn’t exist outside of that room. I want to feel like there’s nowhere else to be and that they get me. I want to feel connected, not just to the topic at hand, but to the speaker – I want to be seen. 

As an energetic and heartfelt speaker, this is what I do best. I help people feel seen. 

Whether it’s in person in front of a crowd, online amidst screens or one-on-one for a podcast, I can create an environment where attendees feel safe enough to open up, share their experiences and be vulnerable… because creativity requires us to.  

I bring more than 5 years of experience in running workshops, masterclasses and teaching in various online group coaching programs to my gig as a speaker. 

I love presenting to people from all different walks of life: from artists and designers, to corporate teams and small business owners, I’m known for not shying away from the big questions. 

I also have a knack for making complex ideas accessible and practical, while also inspiring listeners with my own challenging life story.  

If you’ve got an event coming up and you’d like to add some inspiration and creativity into the mix, let’s start a conversation to see if I’m ya gurl. 

Speaker topics

speaker topics


Practices for a more creative life

Build your own creative process

How to supercharge your creativity

mental health

Understanding posttraumatic growth

How to ‘Spiral Up’ with creativity

Eudaimonia and resilience


Writing for the web 101

Crafting a compelling brand story

Why tone of voice matters


Everyday creative journaling

How to journal with ease

The benefits of journaling every day

Past events

past events


  • InSEA2014, The 34th World Congress, July 7–11, Melbourne, Australia.
  • American Education Research Association (AERA), 2018 Annual Meeting, April 13–18, New York City, USA.
  • Lead With Confidence Summit, February 2–5 2021, online via Zoom.


  • Creativity: Process and Practice” for Cool Wow Collective
  • Turning pain into power: Copywriting for impact” for The Queen of Confidence’s Scale Squad
  • Website Strategy” for Suz Chadwick’s Brand Builder’s Academy
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lHave you listened
to my podcast yet?

what doesn't kill us
by dr marion piper

It’s time for a new narrative around trauma and how it’s possible to thrive after life throws you an epic curve ball. 

My podcast is for meaningful conversations about creativity, posttraumatic growth and practical tips for how to ‘spiral up’ after the shit has hit the fan.

listen to me speak

listen to me speak


Get to know Dr Maz

Copywriter, creativity coach & globe trotter

If you’re looking for practical creativity for big ideas, then Dr Marion Piper is your go-to gal. 

As a creativity coach and copywriter, she supports creative entrepreneurs to become their most creative selves so they can communicate their world-changing ideas with confidence and passion. 

Marion believes that everyone is creative (yes, even you) and in a world where everyone sounds the same, choosing the right words is the best way to stay out. 

Having traveled the world and completed a swag of degrees (including a PhD), Marion is here to inspire you to stop imitating everyone else and start using your own voice FOR REAL.

ready to make your
next event a hit?

ready to make your next event a hit?