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When I first met Dr Alex Hynes, I knew I had met someone amazing. Her energy and enthusiasm for life was simply infectious. A dear friend recommended her to me for help with launching her first online program, Vet Success Kit, and I was beyond excited to get to work.

As an emergency room veterinarian, Alex has seen it all. But what she noticed that was even more horrific than the injuries her patients presented, were the way other vets were suffering in their lives and careers. Exhaustion, breakdowns, depression…you name it! And Alex couldn’t bear to watch her friends and colleagues falling apart anymore.

That’s when she created the Vet Success Kit. A 12-week online program for women veterinarians covering 7 modules designed to help these stressed-out ladies build the career and life they’ve been dreaming about since they graduated from vet school. 

When I met Alex, she had a brain full of ideas and a lot of pre-prepared content, but no clarity around how it all worked together. We built out her enrollment guide, email sequences, sales page and a few social media posts here and there. 

Within a couple of weeks, she was able to start filling spots in her program from an excited waitlist of 80+ vets. Together, we mapped out her course module content and created empowering messaging to compliment her already existing framework. 

Dr Alex could confidently sell her program knowing she had all the information captured in a way that would resonate with her audience and inspire them to take that all important first leap.

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