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As a passionate artist, I was beyond excited when Cheng Zhu reached out to me to talk about his amazing platform, weteachme. What I didn’t realise was how deep their philosophy of “making it easy to follow your passion” truly ran. 

What weteachme needed was a boost in bookings. So I put my advertising hat on (which I do wear from time to time) to drum up some campaign ideas. Drawing on the marketing knowledge I picked up from collaborating with some amazingly talented folk in my last full-time job, I set about building a Christmas campaign to take the team into the holiday period. 

I selected a topic that was relevant and in line with the values of the brand: zero waste. I mapped out a content plan, including email newsletters, Facebook and Instagram posts, and periodic blog posts. 

What was interesting about this campaign is that we didn’t see the results we were expecting. But in consultation with the team, we were able to switch gears and focus our efforts where they were needed most: the email newsletter. 

The result? Richer content with an upturn in open and click-through rates.

After our initial campaign, I started to collaborate more and more with the broader team on optimising the website. I provided recommendations on certain aspects of the user experience (UX) copy, including CTAs, customer feedback forms and automated emails.

In this instance, what mattered most to the team was knowing I had their back. Working largely remote, it was important to be responsive, clear and reliable. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to have the best Slack GIF game in the Southern Hemisphere either!

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