Creative work

Creative work

I t's a way of life, not just a job title


For more than 10 years, I’ve ushered clients (and myself) through the creative process and one thing has remained the same…you can’t do it alone. Stop stressing yourself out by thinking you have to be the mad genius, locked away in your lab, solving every problem solo. I can be your creative partner, a soundboard to your ideas and help you find the words to express your greatest truths.

Creativity coaching, workshops, self-care tools and more await you in the pages below. But before you get excited, read my creative manifesto to make sure you vibe with what I’m about. It’s so important to me that you trust and believe in what I do, as well as your own inherent potential.

a little... or a lot (you choose!)



We are all born creative, but sometimes (due to life’s ups and downs), we forget. Instead of beating yourself up for not having a million and one great ideas, let’s find your flow together.

I can teach you proven methods and give you the right tools to unearth your innate creative power. Whether you’re a fellow copywriter or designer who has run out of gas, or in a small team that needs an outsider’s perspective, I got you.



We’re wired for connection. I know it can feel scary and exposing to share your creative work, especially when it’s half-baked. It’s why I offer creative workshops so we can get hands-on and shape your ideas in a fun and supportive space. 

You can book into a 1:1 90-minute collaborative copywriting session called The Write Words Workshop, or see when the next Journaling Club will be happening online. To live in FLOW, you’ve gotta GET in flow, and that’s exactly what these workshops are designing to spark. 



What I love most about the work I do is how varied it is. I know a lot of people say that, but let me show you what I mean. Check out past client work and creative projects I’ve immersed myself and the kinds of results you can expect when we collaborate. 

I work with disruptors, empathy champions and creative legends, across startups, small-to-medium biz and digital kingpins. From building your emotional resilience, to helping you solve creative problems, I love to get face deep in your creations. 




The only thing I love more than thinking and writing about creativity and post-traumatic growth is speaking about it. Whether that’s at an in-person or online event, or as a guest on your podcast, I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge (and I don’t hold back).

At the core of what I do is the concept of ‘Spiral Up’, which stems from my PhD research and is what I teach. I can drop into your community for a masterclass, do a cheeky Q & A, speak at your next conference or even run a workshop for your team.

Energy flows where attention goes

Energy flows where attention goes

I know it’s a big leap of faith to trust someone else with your ideas – they’re your babies, after all, and you’re passionate about keeping them safe. But let me ask you this: when you’re inspired and have a plan, do you feel unstoppable? I know I do! 

That’s right, I want you to only be doing things that light you up, like perfecting your craft or diving in deep with your clients. Energy flows where attention goes so let’s get you focusing on the right things.