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First of all, congrats on making it here! I want you to know that I SEE YOU, working your butt off to make the world a better place. You have such an incredible business already, but for some reason (hint hint) the right clients or customers aren’t showing up. This is where the magic of copywriting can help.

Does this sound familiar?

Does this sound familiar?

You have a website you’re really proud of, but your blog is gathering dust (the digital tumbleweeds are REAL). Or, you’ve got a list of content ideas a mile long but no solid plan to follow through. Either way, the struggle is REAL for most people when it comes to sitting down to write. I get it – it’s why I’ve designed my process to take you from overwhelm to over the moon in just a few short weeks.

But if you honestly struggle with ideation (coming up with the goods), you can plug into my brain and we can get you back on track. Unfortunately there’s no short cut when it comes to creativity (despite what the click-bait webinars tell you) but that doesn’t mean it has to be a chore. I’ve got some surefire ways to kickstart the engine of your creativity in a way that will inspire you and make creating content a breeze.

Client Love


On-brand copy to help you crush those sales or business goals

A content workshop designed to bring out your most creative self

Feedback and advice to boost your own writing practice

Optional ongoing copywriting support (especially if you have a blog)


You’re tired of sounding like everyone else online

You want to make a bigger impact than you currently are

You have a brand guide but don’t know how to implement it

You are ready to find your true, authentic writing voice

You want to build credibility and trust with your audience

Choose your own adventure

Choose your own adventure

creative brainstorming

If you’re feeling a bit lost when it comes to creating content, let’s link up for an in-depth creative brainstorming session. By the end of our time together, you’ll have a robust list of topics, titles and themes to keep the fire burning. 

You’ll get:

  • A 2hr content workshop with me to quantum leap your ideas
  • A creative toolkit of resources, methods and templates to start writing social posts, blogs and emails
  • The confidence to start translating those abstract ideas into tangible things of value in the real world.


blog writing

If you’ve been avoiding your blog like the plague or just don’t have time to sit down and write, I can do it for you. Hire my hands and brain each month to bring your brand to life in engaging, SEO driven blogs that are bursting with personality. 

You’ll get:

  • A 1hr content consult with me where we’ll plan out the month and lock in each blog article
  • 4 x 1000 word blogs, infused with SEO goodness, plus 1 round of edits
  • Topic ideas that I’ll share with you when they come up as I work (creativity is delightfully unpredictable like that).

Prices start at $1500+GST and vary depending on the project, so let’s have a conversation to nut it out.


No problem! Fill out the contact form on my website and we can start a conversation. I’m quite versatile and LOVE a good challenge 😉

I love working with purpose-driven businesses and creatives. So if you’re a graphic designer, health and wellness practitioner or educator, hit me up. The main thing is that you’re an ethical business trying to do good in this world.

Short answer is YES. Copy is words on a page, whereas content refers to any information designed to provide an experience for the reader. Now you know 🙂

I’m so excited for you! Don’t stress – I’ll walk you through it all. We’ll start with a questionnaire so I can get to know you a little better, then we’ll do a kick-off call. After the call, I’ll send you an expected timeline with a map of all the copy deliverables. I’ll check in with you regularly with updates and you’ll get 2 rounds of revisions on everything I create.

Currently, I’m in Melbourne, Australia. But thanks to the internet, you can be anywhere! I’ve worked with clients from all over the world, so if you love my vibe, let’s make it happen!

Good. You’re curious – we’ll get along juuuust fine! Write them down and make sure you ask me on our first call 😉

Say BYE BYE to Writer’s Block

Wouldn’t it feel AMAZING to be confident in your copy and speak your truth?

Say BYE BYE to Writer’s Block

Wouldn’t it feel AMAZING to be confident in your copy and speak your truth?