Creativity Coaching


Bringing your epic ideas to life can be a hard slog – especially if you’ve been through trauma, or are a multi-passionate human (I see you, fellow high-achiever). After all, creativity is more than making Art: it’s the process and practice that fuels almost everything we do. So if you’re sick of all the stop-starting and ready to live in flow, let’s get on with it.


Let me guess: you can’t decide. Your to-do list – you know, the never ending one full of potential things you could do or create – looks more like a 90s phonebook than something resembling a plan.

It’s not that you’re put off by the fact that it’s never ending, either. The thing that stops you in your tracks is trying to choose what to work on. 

Not because you don’t want to get stuck in, but because everything on that list excites you. And when everything looks so enticing, how do you decide what needs to come FIRST?



The world we live in – with its productivity hacks and ‘six figure’ pressures – wants you to choose JUST ONE THING. One magical project, one magical partner, one magical career, that when you find it (often under the guise of discovering your ‘purpose’), you’ll finally feel whole.

But what if there’s not JUST ONE THING that you want to do? 

What if you’re drawn to specific parts of a few different things

How do you bring together the things you love and turn them into something meaningful?


As an artist and writer myself, I GET IT. I’ve been there more times than I care to admit – but I’ve come to learn that all of this is part of the journey as a multi-passionate creator. It’s what you sign up for when you choose to live creatively, according to your own needs.

Being multi-passionate doesn’t mean you’re flakey, distracted or even broken. It’s not a death sentence: it’s actually the key to outperforming everyone around you and living a truly creative life.

Instead of trying to suppress your multi-passionate nature, let’s express it – the challenge, then, isn’t about what you want to work on… but when.




This is where  my creativity coaching can make a world of difference. It offers you not only accountability, but a like-minded extra brain to work through the challenges of being a multi-passionate creator.

It’s not like life coaching where the focus is on who you want to become. But rather, it’s laser focused on what you want to make.

I’ve trained with Dr Eric Maisel – the OG creativity coach – and finished a PhD project in 2017, so you better believe I’m in this for the long haul. I know how to juggle competing priorities better than a Cirque du Soleil acrobat knows trapeze.

You deserve to live in flow effortlessly, create work that changes your world and still have energy left at the end of the day to make stuff JUST FOR YOU.

So let’s give the middle finger to finding JUST ONE THING and open up the floodgates to an abundantly multi-passionate life.

Client Love


No BS creative advice and direction (less sugar, more salt)

1:1 attention to quantum leap your progress

Proven methods and tools to unblock your creativity

Online sessions to tap in from wherever (#RemoteLyf FTW)

Post-session wrap-up steps to help you take action ASAP


You're multi-passionate and creative (in more ways than one)

You’ve got lots of ideas, projects and maybe even a business

You want your work to be as multi-faceted as you are

You’re bored, uninspired, blocked or over it ('it' being the thing you're working on)

You need help to figure out what amazing thing to work on next

You’re a burntout Artist or career creative looking to refuel your tank

1:1 creativity coaching

1:1 creativity coaching

let's keep you in 'flow'

Setting out on a new creative adventure, but not sure if your idea is ready? I can be your sounding board or second brain. Or, are there TOO many competing ideas – and what’s missing is clarity and a plan? I can be your ‘light in the dark’ or militant task master. Start with a ‘Creativity Booster’ session, or get me in your corner for 3 or 6 months of creative guidance – you’ll be amazed by how much you’re able to accomplish.  

Start here 👉🏼 CREATIVity Booster session

From ideation and brainstorming, to unpicking snags in your creative process, to cultivating a creative mindset (and ‘spiral up’ from life’s challenges) – let’s get you inspired, back in FLOW and re-energised! 

In this one-off session, you can bring anything you’d like to work on – including what’s frustrating you – and we’ll go HAM. I won’t bore you with fluffy advice, either. You’ll get hands-on creative support and leave with your next logical step (aka empowered action). Think of it like therapy – but for your most creative self!

Investment = $220 +GST

5 pack of creativity coaching

Do you always get overwhelmed with options? Or have a million and one projects on the boil at once, never finishing any of them? Or maybe you feel like the work you’re doing is, well, actually kinda crap. 

In 5 sessions together, we’ll be able to really dig into what’s happening in your creative life. I know that with the right accountability – and a type of  consistency that works for you – you’ll make incredible small changes that yield EPIC results.

This package is ideal for:

  • Multi-passionate people looking to boost their creative output without burning out
  • Career creatives looking to kickstart a passion project outside of their day job
  • Creative Entrepreneurs looking to birth a big idea and build momentum.

This package includes:

  • 5 x 75-minute Zoom sessions, book anytime
  • Email support in between
  • No BS creative advice 
  • Resources, tools & practices designed to maximise your creative potential.

Investment = $990+GST (10% discount)

10 pack of creativity coaching

Our creative lives are not separate to our regular lives: they’re one and the same. This means that despite your ‘best laid plans’, often creative projects get put off because life gets in the way.

And I get it, which is why you can have me in your corner for 10 glorious sessions of creative support. Because it’s not about stripping back your life to solely create, but about finding the right FLOW to honour your life and creativity together. 

This package is ideal for:

  • Multi-passionate people looking to manage competing passions and responsibilities
  • Career Creatives seeking ongoing creative guidance to navigate longer term goals
  • Creative Entrepreneurs struggling to translate their vision into something tangible.

This package includes:

  • 10 x 75-minute Zoom sessions, book anytime
  • Email support in between
  • No BS creative advice 
  • Resources, tools & practices designed to maximise your creative potential.

Investment = $1,870+GST (15% discount)


Glad you asked! A creativity coach helps you reconnect with your passions. They provide tools, techniques and methods to unlock your creative potential and blast through any blocks.

It’s similar to other kinds of coaching when it comes to process. I’ll first assess where you’re at using questionnaires and conversation. Then, we’ll talk about your challenges, history and goals. I’ll give you activities, techniques and tools to use to push you closer to your goals. Plus, I’ll be on the lookout for any blindspots you might have when it comes to creativity. 

No way! The thing about coaching is that you only get out of it what you’re willing to put in. To get the most out of a 1hr session, jot down your thoughts about what you’re stuck on, then enjoy the rest of the magic that happens when our brains collide!

Abso-bloody-lutely you can. In fact, creativity coaching isn’t just about the work you make. It can also tackle how and why you want to create something. It’s perfect for business owners, career creatives, or anyone who wants to consume less and create more.

Of course we can! Book in a virtual coffee and let’s hash this out.


And you’ll truly feel it when you work with me.


And you’ll truly feel it when you work with me.

It’s not something you have to ‘do’ – it’s who you already are. Developing your creativity boosts your problem-solving skills, enhances your ability to express yourself (and communicate better), and – drum roll please – is how you give yourself certainty in uncertain times. The best part is you don’t have to go it alone. I’ll be there, walking alongside you, giving you practical ways to get shit done. I’m not talking about productivity either… I’m talking about pure, unadulterated, blissful FLOW. It’s all possible for you, but you have to want it more than you want the drama of not doing it. So, dear one, are you ready?