Bespoke Illustrations

Hand drawn flourishes to elevate your brand

The mood you create visually for your brand is just as important as the tone you speak or write with. It’s what’s going to attract or repel your audience. Adding some hand drawn digital illustrations into the mix – on your blog or as social media posts – will help you stand out from everyone else (aren’t you tired of all the inspirational quotes?!).

Tell your story

Tell your story

Images help people retain information (that’s science!) and one of the biggest battles I bet you’re having online is how to rise above the noise. Matching your stellar copy (oh yes, I do that too) with eye-catching illustrations is the ‘jab-hook’ you’ll need to get attention and keep it.

There is no one else on this planet like you. No one else with your experience. It can be difficult to be constantly producing content day after day without sounding repetitive. Step off the hamster wheel and choose to be unique. Your audience will LOVE you for it.

Client Love


Hand drawn digital illustrations in your brand colours

Immersion in the creative process, including 2 rounds of revisions

1 x print quality and 1 x web ready version of your chosen design/s


You sell handmade or ethical products (especially skincare or food)

You’re tired of posting the same sh%t on Instagram

You’ve got a beautiful website, but it’s lacking in personality or a human touch

You’re hosting an event and want to give your guests something special as a gift

You want your brand to POP online

Every creative project is sacred

Every creative project is sacred

I do things a little differently.

Because I draw all illustrations digitally by hand, it takes a little longer than the people you pay overseas who can whip up an Instagram post in 5 minutes. This is my art – you’ll be getting something unique and special.  As a ballpark figure, you can expect to invest around $500 per design. That being said, a design could be a number of things depending on the detail. Let’s have a chat about what you need and I’ll propose a plan to get us there.


Depending on the detail and how many you’d like, the turnaround time is a minimum of two weeks.

Plenty! I’ll ask you questions about what you like, what you dislike, who inspires you and what your goals are. Then I’ll get to work and you’ll be kept in the loop the whole time.

If I’ve done my job right, you’ll be more than just happy – you’ll be proud. I do everything in my power to listen to your needs and translate that into art. If you change your mind halfway through, I’ll do my best to accommodate your requests, but we may need to pivot (which will incur extra fees).

Are you ready to turn everything technicolour?

Are you ready to turn everything technicolour?