The best way to become more creative is to experience the joys and sorrows of the process firsthand. I love to squirrel myself away to work on my own projects, but what I love even more is getting immersed in yours. Whether you’re percolating on something big that’s yet to be birthed, or want to borrow my brain to finally finish a writing project you’ve been avoiding, it’s time to get busy. 


Real-time inspo to relight the fire

Global access to tune in from anywhere

Plenty of creative energy to draw on

Hands-on support
(not just advice)

Follow-up notes to keep the juices flowing


You're ready to get to work and actually get sh*t done

You’re bored of your own company and need new friends

You can't find a creative network to tap into locally

You’re hunting for inspiration, advice and wizardry

You're overflowing with ideas and need to channel them

You’re ready for change and need some encouragement

The WRite words workshop

The write workshop


Journal club


If you love to write but aren’t feeling confident about it, then this 90-minute workshop was made for YOU. We’ll take your existing copy and workshop it together in real-time, and I’ll explain any creative decisions along the way. Why would you want to see that? So you can cut a few corners and find the right words to express your brilliant ideas, heartfelt opinions and world-changing message.

You’ll get:

  • half-day workshop via Zoom with me to quantum leap your writing ()
  • Unfiltered access to my copywriting process (warts and all) with customised writing frameworks, on-brand vocabulary and more
  • The confidence to start translating your mind-blowing ideas into tangible things of value in the real world.

$675 (inc. GST)


The practice of journaling has saved my life more times than I’d care to mention. It’s where I come to terms with own life, tease out ideas and give myself the love and attention I know I so desperately crave.

But starting a journaling practice can be scary. What the feck do you write on all those blank pages? When you get stuck, what can you do? Left to your own devices, I bet that after the excitement of buying a new journal wears off, you might write for a few days, but then get blocked and leave the book to gather dust on a shelf. 

This is when you need to come to Journal Club.

It’s a no-pressure, low-cost form of digital accountability. We meet a few times a month to check in, share our favourite insights and formulate more powerful questions to have a more robust conversation with our hearts.



Client Love


It really depends on which one you choose. The Write Words Workshop is a tight 90-minutes, and Journal Club can range from a quick chat to an hour long event! If you have a preferred length of time you love for these kinds of things, lemme know!

Baring another pandemic, I typically won’t refund your money, but I can credit it to a future workshop. 

Lots of different legends come along, depending on the topic. I tend to attract other creatives, artists, entrepreneurs and the creatively curious. No wet blankets or assholes allowed though 😂 

OMG OF COURSE! No matter where you’re at in your creative journey, you’re most welcome at any of my workshops. You can also request a 1:1 or small group experience too if that’s more your jam (or if new people make you nervous).

Of course we can! Book in a virtual coffee and let’s hash this out.


Keep an open mind, open heart and bring your whole self along.


And you’ll truly feel it when you work with me.

Putting yourself out there can be daunting, especially if you don’t know anyone else who’ll be there. For every workshop I host, I reach out and connect with every participant to learn what they’re expecting and get an idea of where they’re at. So you’ll be stepping into a space that’s designed to make you feel right at home. If you’d also like to book a creative workshop for your workplace or team, I can do that too. Creativity can travel – and so can I – so let’s dream big together.