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I’m unafraid to tackle the more uncomfortable aspects of what happens AFTER you get the urge to create – we’re talking grief, obsession, rejection and much, much more. 

It’s like a pep talk that both stings and soothes in equal measure…oh, and it’s free.

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It’s you. It’s me. It’s creativity.

Your ideas are magic… but they won’t create themselves (boy, do I wish they would). Creating can be a lonely process where it’s easy to get stuck up in your head and overthink your way out of action. But there’s good news: we can sit in the uncertainty and find a way out, together. From business to Art to everything in between, let’s get you back on track.

The right ideas at the right time can change your life. As a speaker, I love nothing more than empowering you to explore your creativity and growth in new and interesting ways. Whether it’s an in-person or online event, team workshop or as a guest on your podcast, I’ll bring a flavour of energy and expertise your audience will fall in love with. 

For those moments you need a swift kick up the bum to get moving, or the right question to jumpstart your day – you’ll find it here. I offer low-cost creative tools and resources in my online shop that are designed to take the guesswork out of creating. From journal prompt cards to eWorkbooks, your growth and creative momentum are my obsessions.

Hi, I’m Maz!


Like you, I put my heart and soul into everything I do… but there’s more to me than meets the eye. My journey has been anything but smooth, yet I’m still here… a living testament to the power of creativity.

Childhood trauma really set the tone for the course of my life. Yet I didn’t go down a self-destructive path. In fact, I found a way to escape it and heal using creativity, kickstarting a journey of post-traumatic growth that I then unpacked and explored in my PhD research. 

After working in a variety of different creative roles – from art gallery assistant, to creative summer camp tutor, to agency copywriter – I made the leap to build something of my own a few years ago. You don’t have to go down this path, but I reckon you value creativity just as much as I do (which is why you’re here).

Now, I’m channeling all of my experience, artistry and word wizardry into helping you ‘Spiral Up’. You deserve to grow and thrive in the aftermath of trauma and life’s most challenging moments – and we’re going to get there together.

You're in fine company

Creativity is collaborative – just ask the people I’ve worked with…

You're in fine company

Creativity is collaborative – just ask the people I’ve worked with…

One Good* Day offers NDIS recovery coaching to people with psychosocial disabilities. To get the word out, we crafted powerful customer stories and compelling educational content – all backed by a solid strategy. 

This Canadian SAAS startup is set to change the way we buy and sell knowledge. Pick My Brain needed creative support and a brand voice to inspire their users – and that’s exactly what I gave them. 

Kristy Gray is a HIGH VIBES astrologer who goes the extra mile to connect her clients to their highest selves. In The Write Words Workshop we finessed the copy for her services to give them a little extra sparkle. 

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Creativity is the antidote.

There Is always another way

Creativity is the antidote.

I won’t pump you full of motivational quotes or tell you how to feel. What I will do is offer practical tools and deep thinking as we navigate this creative life, together. Your trauma doesn’t define you, but if you’re living in your pain you’re missing the point. Let’s find new ways to make your pain a creative offering that stops holding you back… and starts carrying you forward.