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Page views: 10 (nine of which were your mum). I get it, you might not have time to craft the most compelling copy (hey, that’s my job!).

But there are small, incremental improvements you can make to your online content so our Lord and saviour Google knows thy name.

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There are two ways we can work together

As an ex-academic researcher, I love nothing more than writing SEO driven blogs. From planning to publishing, I can be your guide. So if you’re wanting to make a splash online and build a community around your business, let’s get your content in tip-top shape.

Are you always inspired but never put pen to paper? Or would you consider yourself ‘Type A’ and beat yourself up on the reg? Maybe you’re a leader who spends so much time up your head visioning that your feet have left the ground. I can support you in kickstarting, maintaining and executing on your creativity in a way that’s fun and won’t eat up more of your time. 

Hi, I’m Maz!


I dish out inspiration like it’s going out of fashion (it won’t). I write copy that gives you goosebumps. It’s as if I’ve plucked it all right out of your brain (spoiler alert: I have a machine for that, JK).

You put your heart and soul into everything you do. So I make sure the words I craft and the creative spark I ignite in you reflects that.

Together, we’ll find captivating and unique ways to take what’s in your head and turn it into something the world hasn’t seen before. 

You're in fine company

Meet some of the talented clients I’ve worked with

You're in fine company

Meet some of the talented clients I’ve worked with

Dr. Alex Hynes is an incredible veterinarian and all-round beautiful human. I worked with Alex to help launch her signature online program, Vet Success Kit, in 2019.

Australian brand WeTeachMe exists to help people discover their passion. Together, we have created campaigns to boost sales, and optimised page content across different areas of the website.

Shannyn Merlo is the powerhouse business coach behind Inspired Outcomes Consulting. As her ‘copy advisor’, I polished blog posts, offered content recommendations and optimised web page content. 

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You were born creative

And you’ll truly feel it when you work with me.

You were born creative

And you’ll truly feel it when you work with me.

I love to collaborate, so if you want a machine who just ‘churns and burns’ through copy on the cheap, then you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m in this with you. Your business is my business. I get to the heart of what impact you’re trying to have and offer wisdom and creative guidance to move you closer to your goals. In the words of Simon Sinek, “together is better”.