A podcast where posttraumatic growth and creativity meet


When shit really hits the fan, it can often send us out into the world seeking comfort in the words of others.

We may reach for soppy (or inspirational) jams, poems, quotes and meaningful conversations to help us make sense of what has happened to us.

That’s what this podcast is all about: What Doesn’t Kill Us is a space I’ve carved out, just for us, to learn how to navigate troubled waters in a healthier way. Creativity isn’t solely reserved for the Artists – it’s available for every one of us to use and create a life well lived.

I’ll be jumping on the mic sharing the latest research on my two favourite concepts – posttraumatic growth and creativity – as well as chats I have with people who live and breathe it all.

So if you’re looking to feel seen and turn your pain into power, make sure you subscribe and follow What Doesn’t Kill Us on your preferred streaming platform.

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Past Episodes

Why creativity isn’t a zero-sum game

Episode 7 : Why Creativity isn’t a zero-sum game What Doesn’t Kill Us by Dr Marion Piper | February, 20th 2022 | 23:51 I just went on a business retreat and the insights just keep coming! In this episode, I unpack why creativity isn’t a zero-sum game. So often the divide is between those who

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Professor Lexi Lasczik on Arts Education

Episode 6: Professor Lexi Lasczik on Arts Education  What Doesn’t Kill Us by Dr Marion Piper | February 8th 2022 | 59:32 This episode is going to give you ALL the feels. I’ve known Professor Lexi Lasczik for more than half my life. How? We first met when I was 15 as she was my

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Alexis Guttridge on Meditation

Episode 5 : Alexis Guttridge on Meditation What Doesn’t Kill Us by Dr Marion Piper | December 22, 2021 | 1:00:21 Dear friends, I’m excited for you to meet the amazing Alexis Guttridge from Pause. She’s a meditation teacher with an amazing backstory (we go into it in the episode). Alexis is my first guest on What Doesn’t

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Fuelling your Creativity

Episode 4 : Fuelling Your Creativity  What Doesn’t Kill Us by Dr Marion Piper | November 29, 2021 | 26:34 It’s been a hot minute between episodes friends but for good reason. Life has been changing faster than ever and I’ve been scrambling to keep up! But, never fear – I’m back on deck. In this

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Pandemic Creativity Explained

Episode 3 : Pandemic Creativity Explained  What Doesn’t Kill Us by Dr Marion Piper | October 13, 2021 | 22:11 Do you feel flat? Have your creative juices dried up? It’s not your fault – we’re still in a pandemic. In this, the third episode of What Doesn’t Kill Us by Dr Marion Piper, I

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Posttraumatic Growth is a Journey

Episode 2: Posttraumatic Growth is a Journey  What Doesn’t Kill Us by Dr Marion Piper | September 20, 2021 | 35:14 HEADS UP: This episode contains mental health themes that some listeners may find difficult to hear.  Welcome back legends! In this, the second episode of What Doesn’t Kill Us by Dr Marion Piper, I

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